Is Providing Catered Meals in the Workplace a Cost Savings?

While many companies are cutting back on expenses, providing catered meals in the workplace is still considered a good investment.  Catered meals offer healthy eating, camaraderie, financial savings and time savings.

Healthy Catered Meals

Research continually tells us that healthy employees perform better.  And by eating healthy meals, employees’ overall health improves.  A good catering company will offer special meals such as gluten free, low carb, vegetarian, vegan or any other special requests.

Camaraderie Among Employees

It’s a known fact that eating together is a bonding experience.  A catered meal doesn’t necessarily have to be a working business lunch.  It can simply serve as a social time for employees to share a meal, get to know one another, share stories, etc.  For those who typically eat their meals at their desk, it’s a good departure from that habit.   It’s also a great opportunity to seat employees together who wouldn’t normally interact with one another in the business.

Catered Meals Help Employees Save Money

Even if bringing breakfast or lunch to work, it’s still a cost to employees and a time commitment to prepare the meals.  And going out to lunch is certainly a big expense.  Employees will be grateful for catered meals as a cost savings to them.

Catered Meals Save Valuable Time

The amount of time it takes to go out to lunch is significant. A good portion of lunch breaks is spent traveling to and from the restaurant and waiting for the meal regardless whether it’s counter pick-up or sit-down. This can become a source of stress.  By providing a catered meal  the amount of stress is reduced and the employees receive a relaxing hour to enjoy a meal.

If the budget allows for catered meals, we suggest starting with one or two a month (perhaps one breakfast and one lunch) and increasing the frequency slightly each month.  Analyze the benefit after three months.    After assessing whether there are special dietary needs among employees, work with your caterer to provide the most healthy, affordable meals and enjoy the benefits of a happier, healthier workplace!

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