Summer Brides

What’s hot this summer and what’s not? That’s a question all of our summer brides have asked us at one time or another, well even our spring, winter and fall brides want to know what will be hot when their special day arrives. Trends will come and go but are there any hot trends this summer? Nothing you can’t have your wedding without in my opinion. So instead of worry about the new trend let’s look at two constant concerns with our brides that maybe worth a few words.

1. Making it personal, changing tradition vs. following tradition: To go traditional or not to go traditional creates a lot of conflict with some of our brides. When do I do the toast? When do I cut the cake? Is it okay if I only serve beer & wine? Will it still be considered a wedding meal if I do not do plated meal service? Traditions are a beautiful thing and were created for a reason. They may hold a special meaning for your family or it maybe a blessing that pays homage to your religion or a gesture that honors a special person in your life. Having your toast before or after dinner will not create a topic of conversation for eternity so this maybe one that is not worth stressing over. But if your Grandfather always said grace before your family meals then it would be wonderful to have him say grace before your wedding meal, that’s a memory that will last an eternity.

A bride to be in today’s world is exposed to so much more information on what’s going on around the world thru the many TV shows dedicated to the wedding industry as well as wedding publications and the internet. You have so many things you feel will be best for your special day but don’t know which ones to choose. Take the time to consider which traditions are most important to you, your fiancé and family. Incorporate those into the reception time line when you feel they will have the most impact. Once you have those bases covered you might just want to order the giant cupcake as opposed to the three tier wedding cake. You might want to do a funky dance number with your new husband as they introduce you for the first time as opposed to the wedding waltz. Personalize it, make it your own.

2. The economy is terrible; I do not think I can afford this. What do I do? Well you have to research your vendors and find who is flexible, capable and willing to work with you. As a bride you have to go in willing to be flexible too, you have to be open to suggestions and most importantly realistic about what you are asking for.

You may consider heavy Hors D Oeuvres as opposed to a full meal. You can offer several taste treats with interest maybe touching on ethnic preparations if that works for your event. Most guests will consider this their dinner so be sure to consult with your caterer and order enough and at least 1 -2 hearty preparations to leave them satisfied.

Beer and wine instead of a full bar is fine. People will consume what you offer and most will be fine with a variety of beers and a quality glass of wine. If you have a friend who brews their own beer then ask for a few cases or maybe offering a few micro brew selections from Italy with those hand crafted gourmet pizzas will do the trick.

Some brides are eliminating the service staff and going for the drop off service option. You will need at least one or two people not on the catering payroll to replenish trays or toss a new bowl of salad. Ask your caterer how much it will cost to include the buffet set up and have a driver with experience to set the buffet properly. The caterer will return the following day for the equipment. Time the delivery so that the driver will have ample time to set the buffet and help you light the chafers and set out the first trays of food. Work with caterers with glowing reputations, those are the ones who even though it is a drop off will ensure the set up and quality of the food is still supreme as it will be a direct reflection on the company.

You will have plenty of reasons this summer to sweat over, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Imagine the possibilities…