A Beautiful Wedding

One of the most difficult questions I am asked is “which was the most beautiful wedding event you participated in this year?” I guess because I see so many and get to learn more and more about the participant’s. One element of the event can make it far more beautiful then the last one. I do find it easier to answer the question “what can make my wedding beautiful?” My answer as I have said before is, that it is all about personalizing the event and knowing what is important to you as the bride. Here are a few examples:

It’s your special day, why not make it a unique experience for everyone involved?

Draw inspiration for your theme by thinking of time and physical setting of your wedding day!

Themes – Most brides base the reception theme on the linen color or texture, floral and music selections. Some brides collect special photos of themselves and the groom and place a different photo at each table. As guests move around the room they are intrigued to view each photo, adding an element of entertainment. You can continue with the “personal” theme by creating a unique guest favor, perhaps a CD compilation of the bride and grooms favorite music? Or perhaps some of the music that will be played that evening? Now some brides take this step a little further and pick a theme based on hobby’s, travel or sports teams. Not for everyone, but a recent wedding with a Harley Davidson theme complete with leather wedding attire, black and orange linens and a cake with flames works for some. It was a beautiful wedding in its own right.

Participation – Some brides will ask “is it okay if my mom, dad,

If their opinion matters to you, let your vendors hear it!

future in-laws come to the consolation?” Many vendors will cringe at the thought of sitting across the table from so many decision makers, but I for one enjoy it. Especially when I see the family taking an interest in the event. Each person has a different take on what the event should be and hearing all angles actually helps to make it a beautiful day. A recent bride mentioned that volunteers would create the table centerpieces and do some finishing touches at the ceremony site. When we arrived we found three aunts and the groom’s mom busy hanging tulle from the rafters. As soon as we placed a chair they were on it tying a bow. The bride’s walkway was framed with beautiful 6” tall candelabras supplied by the family. Later in the evening the twinkling glow of each votive illuminated the brides face as she smiled and gently touched the lace wrapped around each handcrafted centerpiece, commenting to the groom on how perfect they turned out. A beautiful memory and a beautiful wedding!

Menus – Menu’s obviously make up an important part of the event. Yes you have to consider the guest list and choose foods that will appeal to the masses. But also be sure it is something you like, again personalizing the event. My most recent bride requested a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with fontina, brie and white cheddar cheese, crispy sweet and regular fry’s, homemade pickle chips and roasted red pepper bisque. This will be a beautiful sandwich, the décor we are discussing will be beautiful, the bride is already beautiful, so again another beautiful wedding.

Imagine the Possibilities…

It’s a beautiful thing!