Party Appetizers: Finger Lickin’ Good Party Food With Less Fuss

Party appetizers (also known as hors d’oeuvres, finger foods, starters or even party snacks) are small food servings designed to be eaten by hand or as small plates with very minimal use of cutlery.

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Consumption and menu presence of small plates, starters, sides, and appetizers has been on the rise since 2013.

Modular pick-and-choose finger food, small plate and appetizer catering menus are very popular, and interest in these this type of smaller “build your own” meal offerings don’t show any signs of waning as Creations in Cuisine Catering gears up for the 2016 summer party season in Phoenix.

Why Finger Foods? More Fun, Flexible Festivities with Less Fretting Over Food Restrictions.

Hors d’oeuvres can hold off hunger at any event – making itty bitty bites “the life of the party”.

[su_photo_panel photo=””]As the name implies, finger foods and finger buffets require very minimal use of utensils – most won’t require any at all. So no worries about trying to eat while standing, holding a plate filled with food that requires a fork and knife, as well as juggling a glass of wine and possibly a handbag![/su_photo_panel]
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Hosting a corporate event or conference in Arizona?

Business networking is easier if attendees are nibbling on small bites. Leverage this tasty pro tip and take your business event up a level! [/su_photo_panel]

[su_photo_panel photo=””]Server passed appetizers allow your party-goers to mingle while they move around the event space, dance if they want to and well… party of course![/su_photo_panel]
[su_photo_panel photo=””]Finger foods are perfect as passed hors d’oeuvres, but are also wonderful buffet items in catered finger buffet or as plated appetizers in fork buffets.[/su_photo_panel]
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Blend Your Families Together at Your Arizona Wedding Reception

wedding desert samplers peach cobbler tarts with hearts

Say “I Do” to the latest tasty trend – serving a mini dessert buffet, cupcakes, cakepops, or even donuts instead of cake!

To provide more options and portion control, many wedding couples are opting to serve party food platters as a wedding buffet. Smaller servings allow guests to mix and mingle – lending a more festive and fun atmosphere to post-wedding celebrations during your reception.[/su_photo_panel]

[su_photo_panel photo=””]Say “I Do” to the latest tasty trend – serving a mini dessert buffet, cupcakes, cakepops or even donuts instead of cake! [/su_photo_panel]

Perfect Party Ideas for Pint-Sized Appetizer Plates & Fabulous Finger Food Party Platters:

Great for business networking held in your boardroom, for your wedding reception at one of the many party venues in Phoenix, or for your whole tailgate gang during the Super Bowl served right on your coffee table.

With the flexibility of smaller portions, catered appetizers are perfect for a wide variety of parties & special events!

Spice of Life: Party Appetizers Provide Your Arizona Event Attendees with Flavor Variety

Since we started catering to Arizona events and parties back in 1996, there is one thing for sure – that the evolution of catered party appetizers for special events has definitely been deliciously diverse! Over the last 20 years, we’ve not only seen the popularity of serving finger foods increase, but so also the selection.

Our professional event planning staff take the time to truly get to know you, and are with you every step of the way as we work together to completely capture your unique vision to style your very own personalized party appetizer catering menu. Our professional event chefs as well as the rest of our event management, planning, delivery and serving staff are always happy to answer any questions that you may have – making every effort to provide you with any additional information you may need.

To fully deliver exceptionally creative cuisine to match any event theme, our talented chefs at Creations in Cuisine Catering in Phoenix, Arizona certainly rise to take on most any creative culinary challenge. Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Italian themed finger foods abound! From Italian mini caprese bites to Mexican shrimp ceviche shooters topped with crispy tortilla chips to passed lamb and risotto served decadently on elegant silver spoons.

Catered finger buffets can provide your special event guests with a wider, more flexible flavor selection.

You can get adventurous with your catered event appetizer menu or choose to stick with a variety of tried and true traditional menu flavors. We suggest providing a variety of flavors, so your guests can enjoy a personal classic flavor favorite or branch out by exploring something new!

With Starters, Should I Be Concerned About Selecting the “Right Complimentary Flavors”?

Truly capture your very own unique signature blend of savory, spicy, or sweet flavors that truly compliment each other without fear. With over 30 years of culinary experience our catering chefs are extremely knowledgeable and totally happy to help.

We provide flavor pairing advice specific to the potential party appetizers you’re interested in to help you double-check your you select the perfect party appetizers and petite plate selections. Let our experienced chefs with their perfectly tuned tongues for taste-testing for texture and taste help you create a complementary combination of flavors to “wow” your guests as they enjoy each and every mouthful of big delicious fresh flavor – one bite at a time. Our professional event chefs as well as the rest of our staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide you any additional information you may need.

Creations in Cuisine Catering is driven by our dedication to providing perfectly personalized party catering menus to make your next Arizona event truly special. We want to make sure you and your guests will enjoy the party hors d’œuvres you’ve selected, just as much as you do.

Full Service Catering For Professional Party Food Presentation

Any popular party caterer will tell you that the more appealing the presentation, the more popular the hors d’oeuvres. Furthermore – truly creative catering companies such as ours really stand out when showcasing culinary talents while craft amazing arrays of new, interesting finger foods. Our expert chefs always keep your party guests’ overall event experience top in mind when dreaming up how to serve each plated small portion or finger food appetizer to ensure quick “grab and go” ease for your guests.

We also offer a wider variety of party planning and production services than most catering companies – event planning support, table top design using flowers or centerpieces and other party decor, as well as Phoenix party rental services to provide linens, plates, tables and any catering equipment we’ll need to provide you with the perfect catering services on site during your party or special event.

Party Planning How To: Calculate Food Quantities for Party Appetizers

Party planning food amounts can be tricky… But we can help you customize the number of appetizers, party hors d’oeuvres or small plate starters you order to fit your event’s size, timeline, and celebration or special occasion style – but you’ll definitely want to taste more than one!

A “good rule of thumb” regarding amount of finger foods to serve is as follows:

10-12 guests = 5 selections

25 guests = 9 selections

50 guests = 13 selections

Your guests will enjoy and appreciate the tasty experience and you will enjoy the value of variety!

Local to AZ & Looking to Share Your Finger Food Favorites? We Love Pint-Size Parties!

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