Pre-Event Food Tasting


Without a doubt, food is one of the elements most remembered by wedding and event guests. Therefore you want to be assured that the food is the “star”!  Prior to a wedding or a special event, the food tasting is an important opportunity to taste and confirm the food selection, preview and confirm the table settings, and an opportunity to get to know your caterer and communicate your vision of how you want your event produced.   With the trend of event personalization, a food tasting has become an even more important aspect of the decision process.   Whether serving a plated meal or buffet, the tasting is a preview of the menu and style presented at your event.

What to expect at the food tasting?

Prior to the tasting, you and the catering company will have narrowed your choices down to approximately two appetizers, two salads, two entrees, and two desserts.  It it’s a wedding tasting and the cake is ordered from an outside source, a dessert tasting is not included.  If offering vegetarian or gluten free options for your event, be sure to include those in your tasting.  You may even consider sampling the children’s menu if one is included as part of the event menu.   We have recently received requests for more healthy options for children so be sure to communicate your wishes to your caterer.

As much as possible, your caterer will create the ambiance of your upcoming event.  If you have already selected china, flatware, florals, and linens, those will be incorporated into the tasting.  If you have not selected, it may be a good opportunity to incorporate several styles to aid in your decision.

Who should attend the food tasting?

If tasting for a wedding, then obviously the bride and groom attend.  Additionally, many couples wish to have a maid of honor or best man attend and parents are often invited.  If an outside wedding coordinator has been hired, it is a good idea to include her as she is an integral part of the planning.  For corporate events, the event coordinator and any major decision makers should participate in the tasting.  However, keep the number of “tasters” limited as too many opinions will make it very difficult to make a decision.

How to taste

The purpose of the food tasting is for the client to ultimately make a decision on the finest food and service for the event.  Therefore it is important that you taste for flavor profiles and presentation.  Is the food seasoned appropriately?  If tasting meat, is it cooked to the right temperature?   Is the salad dressed with the appropriate amount of dressing?   Your caterer is looking for honest feedback in order to provide the ultimate experience.  Pace yourself so that you are able to sample ALL offerings and give honest feedback.

After the tasting

Your caterer will follow up with you to solidify the menu as well as china, flatware, linens if those are included from the catering company.  You can rest assured that all adjustments are made and the food will shine.  Your event will be a memorable occasion!

tender field greens & red kale

Tender field greens & kale salad tasting

Herb and garlic crusted prime rib

Herb and garlic crusted prime rib tasting