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Engagement party catering is one of our favorite events as a caterer.  It is such an exciting time for the clients, and it is often as festive as the actual wedding!  Because the engagement party “kicks off” the wedding festivities you want it to feel celebratory as the engagement is formally announced.  If the proposal took place somewhere unique, you might consider incorporating that theme with the food served.  For instance, if the proposal took place in Hawaii, consider a Hawaiian Luau theme or if the proposal took place in Tuscany, then an Italian themed meal would very appropriate!  Of course, the catering for the engagement party can be casual buffet, unique and fun food stations, or a formal sit-down dinner—the choice is yours.

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The venue for your catered engagement party can be an intimate gathering at your home or it can take place at one of the venues in your area of residence.  You may choose to select the “theme” of your upcoming wedding and choose a place that complements your wedding venue or you might wish to host the engagement party in a completely different style of venue.

We at Creations in Cuisine Catering are a preferred caterer at many of the finest venues in Arizona and have a good working relationship with a myriad of venues throughout the state.  It is important that your caterer have a good understanding of the venue and its requirements as all venues have requirements for caterers regarding “loading in”, use of certain areas of the facility, etc.   You want to hire a caterer who respects the venue’s premises and staff and can work cohesively with them.

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The catering for your engagement party is as important as the catering for your wedding so be sure to hire an experienced caterer who offers extraordinary cuisine and service.

Since this is the “kick-off” event to the wedding festivities, you want to impress your guests with superb food!   You may want to offer a themed menu, either complementing the wedding menu or offering a menu totally in contrast to your wedding menu.

When it comes to themed menus we pride ourselves on not only creating unique themed menus but also offering fusion menus that feature disparate ethnic foods if so desired.  From passed hors-d’oeuvres to unique, modern food stations, to family-style dining, the possibilities are endless!  You might consider a food station event with a variety of options such as a taco station, a fresh pasta station, a sushi station, and a donut station!

An example of fun food stations:

Sliders Food Stations

Burbon mini sliders pair perfectly with your wedding beverage catering for the perfect wedding cocktail hour finger foods

$225.00 (50 Sliders) Sliders Served with your Choice of Fresh Fried Cheddar Chips or Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips

  • SONORAN PORK  Roasted poblano chile | jack cheese | smoked pepper bacon | guacamole | chipotle cream
  • ANGUS BLUE SLIDERS  Gorgonzola spread | caramelized onions | sautéed mushrooms
  • GROUND TURKEY  Rosemary & thyme seasoned |3 pepper relish | Monterey Jack

Engagement party pasta bar with mac and cheese

Mac & Cheese Food Stations

Party penne pasta station catering for special events

$8.95 (per person) Cavatappi pasta, with cheddar, Munster & Monterey Jack

  • Toppings: Sautéed mushrooms | pulled smoked pork | cornmeal chicken nuggets | habanero sausage | smoked bacon | brown sugar chili bacon | diced tomatoes | scallions
  • Add-Ons: Smoked Shrimp ~ $2.00 Lobster ~ $4.00
Bar Food Food Stations:
  • Crisp Cod Fingers ~ $7.95 (per person) Pickled vegetable slaw | salt & vinegar chips
  • Ruben Sliders ~ $8.95 (per person) Spicy pub mustard | red potato salad | dill pickle chip
  • Mini Beer Braised Brats ~ $7.25 (per person) Sauerkraut | horseradish mustard
  • Street Tacos: $7.75 (per person) Warm Petite Crisp Corn Tortillas (2 per person)
    • Red Chili Beef Short Rib 
    • Achiote Rubbed Pulled Chicken
    • Smoked Shrimp & Green Chili
    • Sides:
      • Cheddar Cheese
      • Jicama – Radish & Cabbage Slaw
      • Papaya Mango Salsa
      • Roasted Chili Salsa


Wine and other drink options for your catered event.

Did the proposal take place in Italy?  Consider serving Italian wines and beers.  Or perhaps a beer or wine tasting. A tasting of local beers is always a fun activity!

If your engagement party is a brunch, consider a cold brew coffee bar and/or a fresh juice bar to include the ever-popular green juices as well as fruit juices.  And of course, if serving alcohol, mimosas are always festive!  An experienced bartender will elevate your event and offer expertise and professionalism when it comes to serving the guests.  Be sure to have the appropriate glassware for the drinks you are serving.  If the budget allows, glassware is always preferred over plastic cups, even for casual affairs.

Catering with Passion

We at Creations in Cuisine Catering are passionate about what we do, particularly when it comes to special occasions such as catering for engagement parties and weddings.

Over the past 21 years, we have observed and embraced many new dining and catering trends and catered many memorable events meeting wonderful people along the way. The food is one of the main aspects of an event that guests long remember.

So whether you select us as your caterer or you select another, make sure the company has experience and passion to ensure that YOUR special occasion is important to them as well.



One other thing you’ll want to consider as you progress through your engagement period is the selection of an officiant. You can choose to use a Justice of the Peace or a free-lance ordained minister or a minister from your house of worship. If you are looking for an officiant to oversee your wedding ceremony consider Phillip or Gwen Waring from http://arizonaministers.com/.


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