Italian Catering for your Wedding

Dreaming of getting married in Italy but the cost of airfare and hotels for you and your guests just don’t make it

Bucatini Aglio E Olio served at catered social event in Arizona

Fresh pasta

possible? Well, Creations in Cuisine can help you can bring a little taste of Italy to YOU with authentic Italian themed catering for your big wedding day.

As a catering company that specializes in Italian cuisine, we’ll take you and your guests on a culinary journey to your favorite region of Italy. So whether the food is influenced from the northern part of Milan or the Southern part of Sicily rest assured we can help you to create a menu that will awaken your senses and be remembered for years to come.

Along with our fresh handmade pasta and sauces from our “sister” company, Pasta Rea, Chef Tony will make you will feel like you have just dined at an Italian Tratorria!  



Malfadine with Smoked ShrimpTraditional or contemporary? You might opt for traditional Italian cuisine such as Italian Wedding Soup, lasagna (vegetarian options are available), and chicken parmagiano.  Or perhaps a more contemporary menu better suits you and your guests:  arugula salad with gorgonzola, and a couple of fresh pasta options such as malfadine with smoked shrimp or a simple bucatini with olive oil, garlic, and parmesan.


When it comes to the service of an  Italian menu, there are several options.  You can, of course, choose the traditional plated meal service (typically 3 courses:  salad or soup, pasta entrée, and dessert) or you could select pasta stations offering a variety of pasta shapes and sauces prepared to order, or family style dining is another great choice.  Do keep in mind that pasta needs to be served in a timely manner.  It is made to order, served fresh, and cannot “sit” in the kitchen if for some reason the reception is delayed.

Be sure to review our Italian Menu for a multitude of options.

The Cake

Traditional Italian Wedding CakeA typical Italian wedding cake is usually alcohol-based.  Rum or strega liquor are used when making the cake. Typical Italian cakes are filled with custard creams, but a more modern Italian bride may choose a hazelnut cream.”

Northern and Southern Italian Cakes

Traditionally, a Southern Italian wedding cake is filled with cannoli cream and these cakes will usually have a bride and groom on top. You can personalize your cake by choosing a unique bride and groom topper.

In Northern Italy, the cakes are less decorative. You might find plain white icing and maybe some flowers on top.


Other Sweets

Italian sweets don’t stop with the cake. Pastries are also very popular. Miniature pastries are usually served in addition to the wedding cake although it varies from region to region.

Sweets are also given to the guests to take home. In Italy, there are stores that make a living selling wedding favors. Jordon almonds are usually given to every guest. The almonds come in many colors and sizes and are usually candy coated. They represent the bitter and sweet things in life and are always given out in odd numbers for good luck.


The Bar

To be truly authentic you will want to serve Italian wines and pair them appropriately with the meal.  If serving a pasta with bolognaise sauce for instance, a heavier red wine would be appropriate.  A nice crisp pinot grigio would be a good option for appetizers and salads and a seafood or meatless pasta dish.


Aperol spritzes are a big trend here in the U.S.

The origins of the spritz take us back to the 1800s when the Austrian Empire’s domain newly extended to the Veneto region of Italy — home of Venice. The Northern Italian wine was purported to be a bit too much for the Austrians, who would add a splash of water to them before sipping. Spritz, incidentally, is the German word for “splash.”

Like most classic drinks, the spritz has evolved over many years. The water became sparkling and the still wine became wine and liqueur.

In 1919, Aperol came on the market, and it soon became the darling of the spritz world. In the 1950s, the brand advertised in America with the 3-2-1 recipe (three parts Prosecco, two parts Aperol, one part soda water). Easy to remember and mix, and a showcase for Italian liqueur and wine.

The spritz regained popularity in the 2000s when Campari purchased the liqueur (promising to keep the same recipe). While the Aperol Spritz is the most common modern variation, the spritz easily lends itself to experimentation.

Try adding Cynar (artichoke liqueur) for a bit of a vegetal bitter, or try green or yellow Chartreuse for a slightly sweeter (but just as complex) version. You might also want to return to the original spritz roots with still wine — though sparkling water is typically recommended rather than still. You might also take a page from the way many Venetians make the Aperol Spritz — with still, dry white wine in place of sparkling.

Regardless, you and your guests will certainly enjoy the tradition and the refreshment!

Italian Wedding Rituals

It’s always fun to understand rituals and you might want to incorporate some of them into your special day.

The Ring:  According to Roman tradition, the circular shape of the ring represents never-ending love. It’s worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed the vein in that finger runs directly to the heart. The ancient Romans also used precious stones as well as silver and gold in their rings.

The kiss between the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony held great importance in ancient Rome. Symbolizing the commitment and love of the wedding couple, for the ancient Romans, the kiss was the legal bond that sealed the marriage contract.

Breaking Bread: The final act of the ceremony in ancient Rome was the couple “breaking bread” together. It was sometimes described as cake, and the couple would feed it to each other, to symbolize their commitment to the relationship, just as brides and grooms today feed each other wedding cake.

Whether choosing a traditional Italian wedding theme or contemporary, the possibilities are endless and we would be happy to consult with you in creating the wedding of your dreams!

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