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Exploring the Necessary Changes in a Covid Culture

Recently, we have seen drastic changes in the way families and corporations choose to dine. Meal delivery catering service is now one of the leading methods for individuals to order and receive quality meals while at the same time eliminating the need to leave their home or office. A new way to buffet allows for nourishing and delicious meals while maintaining proper social distancing and no contact transactions.


Is There a Demand for Change?A New Way to Buffet Better Safer

Catering companies, grocery store chains and restaurants across the country have created interesting and balanced menus with big flavor and quality that offer theme meal packages, comfort foods and nutritional health conscious meal alternatives. Meal delivery demand has grown dramatically as the result of the current environment caused by COVID 19. Consumers are very concerned with how their meals are prepared, who they’re prepared by and what ingredients have been used to create their order. Even trusted well established restaurants and catering companies are being scrutinized to be sure they are following all new health code standards and in general good hygiene practices to protect their clients.

The Old Way is Dead

Prior to March 2020 when ordering meal delivery catering services, your order would be delivered hot and fresh to your home or office in large community size pans and warming trays. Each guest would stand in line (not 6’ apart) and wait their turn to fill their plate. Sneeze guards in the home or office were not considered necessary and unless the person was visibly ill, coughing or sneezing, little concern was placed on the health of the fellow staff member who used the serving spoon before you. Dinner plates and utensils were stacked in towers or containers and were exposed to the touch of many individuals before you selected yours. Salad bowls and bread baskets were generously filled and left exposed accessible from both sides of a buffet table so at least 2 people at a time could take a portion to increase the efficiency and time it took for service. Leftovers were packaged for take home or left in the fridge for consumption when desired. All that has changed.

So What is the Best Way to Buffet?

Safe Delivery in PhoenixThere is a better way to buffet, a better way to order and receive meal delivery catering and a new way to feed your family, wedding guests or employees with peace of mind. Our catering menus were created to meet today’s needs to offer a safe alternative. We individually package salads, main entrees, beverages and desserts in airtight sealed containers. Each item is then labeled with the items name easily identifying the products ingredients to alert an individual who may have concerns regarding food allergies or other dietary concerns. Guests can then grab a meal and return to their workspace or own side of the table and enjoy their meal using individually packaged utensils and napkins. The meal containers can then be discarded and recycled so you are not only taking care of your health but also helping the environment.

It’s Just so Simple.

Today’s clients are also concerned with convenience, quick results, detailed communication, and unsurpassed customer service. With Creations in Cuisine Catering’s online ordering platform, it has never been easier to order safe packaged meals for your home or office. When placing meal delivery or catering order you should be able to easily view all menu options, pricing, and menu descriptions. A click of the button will add your meal to the shopping cart along with all side dishes, beverages, and desserts. A good system will also offer an area where you can communicate any dietary concerns or allergies. Next just choose the date, time of delivery, and add any delivery notes and your food is on the way. Meal delivery and catering is here to stay for many reasons. Be sure to select the provider who offers the best selection, easy ordering solutions and best safety practices which results in providing you with a healthy and safe dining experience in your home or office.

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