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bartenderScottsdale is one of the more unique locations in Arizona. Different areas of the city can provide locals and tourists with a variety of ranging views and experiences. These great attributes make it a great area to host a catered event!

What’s the first step to host a Scottsdale catered event? First and foremost is location! Fortunately, Scottsdale is home to a variety of different venues, banquet halls, and elegant rental homes that make great Wedding venues. Not sure on where to start looking? No problem! A great Caterer will take the time to not only help you create your menu, but help you find allied vendors as well…or the perfect venue!

For example, Old Town Scottsdale does a great job of embracing that big city feeling into a couple square blocks of shops and restaurants. Be sure to utilize one of Old Town’s multiple public transportation options such as a cab service or a bike trolley. You can try dining in luxurious and trendy restaurants, or check out a local brew house for a taste of Arizona.

Do you enjoy the vibe and feeling that radiates from the Old Town sidewalks? Are you sure it’s not the heat? It may not look like it, but Old Town is full of venues to host an event. Dazzle your guest’s eyes by hosting a catered event at a local art gallery or show room to really create a unique experience. Or you can rent out several corporate venues if you plan on hosting a more intimate and formal dining meeting.

waterfront tabletop flowers Looking to host a festival, corporate event, or fundraiser? Need a large venue with the appropriate facilities, staff, licenses, and parking? Look no further than The Venue of Scottsdale, which also happens to be located in the heart of Old Town. The Venue is also great as it allows outside vendors and other Scottsdale catering companies. With their large stage, multiple bars and knowledge/experience, The Venue of Scottsdale is hands down one of the more capable and respected venues in the valley!

Travel down the Loop 101 highway a little further north to discover the suburban side of Scottsdale. Enjoy the beautiful views as the sun sets around the Valley’s mountain ranges. Make sure to have your camera primed and ready as Arizona sunsets are known to produce quite the picture! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and plan your event for the outdoors or at an outdoor venue! Most catering companies would welcome the opportunity to work outside during a peaceful and breezy Scottsdale night!

Did one of the beautiful Scottsdale homes capture your eye as you toured the valley? Always wondered what it would be like to throw an exclusive party in one of their many million dollar mansions? Well, give a local realtor a call and they should be more than happy to help you find a host home. A lot of businesses and home owners enjoy renting out lots for such occasions. Keep in mind; you will need a caterer that is insured to serve/provide alcohol on private property.

Finding the right caterer is just as important as locating the venue, you just can’t have an event without one or the other! By now, your tour through Scottsdale has definitely gotten your mind racing as you take mental notes of what you like and want to see. A great Caterer will want to go the extra mile in help making your event or outing a memorable one.

Where ever you may find yourself in Scottsdale you will know one thing, entertainment is all around you! No matter if you are planning a social get together, a wedding, or a corporate function; Scottsdale has everything you need right at your fingertips.

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