Summer Picnic & BBQ Catering in Phoenix

Make your summertime celebrations sizzle with Summer Picnic & BBQ Catering from Creations in Cuisine Catering!
We can help you host a simple all-American backyard BBQ with a grill full of hamburgers and hot dogs or feast like a king with an opulent roasted suckling pig – both are within our summer picnic & BBQ catering culinary repertoire.

Perfect Picnic Food Ideas & Scrumptious Summer Backyard BBQ Ideas

All-American Backyard BBQ Catering - BBQ Chicken, Hamburgers and Hotdogs

Your basic BBQ meats – BBQ chicken, beef hamburgers and hot dogs – are all pretty much backyard BBQ staples. But consider organic fed or naturally raised high-quality meats – you will be amazed at the difference in flavor!

Blackberry Lemonaide Makes Your Summertime Picnic Pucker Up and say, "Ahhhaaa. That's refreshing!"Add Colorful, Flavorful Flair with Summertime Side Dishes & a Refreshingly Cool Beverage

Summertime side dishes are where our culinary creativity can definitely add some fun and flair.  A cold soup such as chilled cantaloupe with basil cream, honey mustard Brussels Sprout slaw, or a mayo-less potato salad are certainly creative options.

Serve a cool beverage like Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade and consider substituting Champagne or Prosecco for 7up or Sprite.

Looking to serve something more sophisticated than your average Angus burger this summer?

Smarten up your smoked and BBQ beef selections this summer by serving your sophisticated summer guests juicy high-end, freshly rested steaks right off our chef’s grill or perhaps our slow smoked-to-perfection Prime Rib.

Host Your Own Hawaiian Luau in Phoenix This Summer & Go Hog Wild!

Allow the seasoned pitmasters of Creations in Cuisine Catering to barbeque a whole suckling pig for your guests!
To prepare, we rub the inside of the pig with a special herb and spice mixture and marinate overnight. If you like, we can bbq your pig at your home: on a rotisserie, in a smoker or for the really adventurous – in a backyard fire pit. Cooking a whole pig does require quite a bit of time – plan on at least 12 – 14 hours. Once fully cooked, we serve your suckling pig on a large platter accompanied with beautiful roasted vegetables and our Hawaiian BBQ sauce of course!

bbq catering menu ideas pulled pork bbq sandwichesA summertime BBQ favorite – our pulled pork sandwiches are perfect for your company picnic!

We are particularly proud of our pulled pork recipe and receive many accolades!  Our pork butt is brined for 24 hours then rubbed in oil with our secret spice blend. We allow it to sit seasoned for at least 24 hours then slow smoked for almost 5 hours. We then finish our pulled pork in the oven for 3 to 4 hours, covered, on a low heat until the meat literally falls apart.

Our pulled pork sandwiches are served with three popular BBQ sauces:

  • a more traditional Honey – Apple BBQ sauce,
  • a spicy Chipotle BBQ sauce,
  • and a Hawaiian BBQ sauce.

Pulled pork, barbecue chicken, with a few unique side dishes would make the perfect drop-off catered BBQ family meal – perfect for a picnic!

Order Your Outdoor BBQ Catering in Phoenix from Creations in Cuisine Catering

Your summer outdoor barbecue can be your all-American standard or as culturally creative as you wish. But to really enjoy your social backyard BBQ with family and friends or summertime corporate picnic with your colleagues – leave your Phoenix event planning, barbecuing and grilling this summer to Creations in Cuisine Catering!

Need a seasoned grillmaster to handle all the grilling at your annual company picnic or simply want our delicious pulled pork sandwiches dropped off at home for you to enjoy during summer social entertaining or perhaps for  the 4th of July weekend family gathering next month? Order your Phoenix picnic and bbq catering services from Creations in Cuisine Catering today!