Food Ideas for Brunch Party

Brunch parties can be a fun way to enjoy a weekend at home, not to mention, way less daunting than say a formal dinner party. When it comes to brunch, you can opt for breakfast dishes, lunch dishes or a combination of the two. If you’ve been wondering about food ideas for brunch party, here are a few that will make waking up a little more appealing.

Food Ideas for Brunch Party

Brunch parties are relaxed so there’s certainly no harm in throwing together a menu at the last minute. However, it helps to plan your menu beforehand. Planning ahead gives you enough time to get all the ingredients and whatnot. Here’s a sample menu you can consider the next time you’re throwing a brunch fete:

Plan Your MenuFood Ideas for Brunch Party

A Carb Dish – You can serve protein pancakes with blueberries. This is a great option with no refined sugar. You will use oats, bananas and eggs to make these pancakes. Don’t forget to add your favorite protein powder, so that in addition to the eggs the pancakes have extra protein.

A Meat/Egg Dish – A great option is a bacon, eggs and cheese casserole. You’ll first cook the bacon as usual, and then create the mixture for the casserole. Once you’ve mixed the eggs with everything else in a baking dish, you sprinkle the bacon on top and then cook in the oven for 40 minutes.

A Sweet Dish – A popular sweet dish at brunches is blueberry muffins. A bonus for blueberry muffins is they are relatively healthy. This is because blueberries contain antioxidants, as well as an abundance of vitamins. Blueberries also help with digestion.

A Fruity Dish – For a healthy snack option, a fruit salad is a great choice. Fruit salads are fun because you can make them however you like. You can include a variety of fruits, and use what you think your guests will enjoy. A fun dressing you can make for the fruit salad is mixing honey with a bit of orange juice and lemon.

Set up a Coffee Station

A coffee bar is a fun idea for any brunch. But if you really want to up your barista game, set up a station that allows your guests to make their coffee to their liking. Consider adding some flavors so your guests can make delicious concoctions as they socialize and you get some extra time to finish off the brunch meal.


When looking for food ideas for brunch party, consider having a variety of options available. This will help ensure you have something for everyone’s food preference. Providing fruits, and protein options will give you a great all-around brunch menu. If you plan to cater for your upcoming party, Creations in Cuisine Catering provides professional catering, with an excellent food selection.


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