Selecting the appropriate venue for your event is very important to the success of your event.  Whether corporate event, social event, or wedding, the venue needs to function for your needs and create the right environment.  A good event planner, whether on-site or consultant, should be knowledgeable about all aspects of event spaces.  Be sure to have enough knowledge yourself to question the event planner and if you are coordinating the event yourself, here are a few criteria for ensuring you select the right space.

  1. Style. Select a venue that reflects the personality of the event. If the venue is for a corporate meeting, make sure the setting is one that will be comfortable for the attendees.  Conservative, mature CEO’s may not be comfortable in a Bohemian style venue.  And of course if your event is a wedding you want the venue to reflect the personality of the bride and groom and yet be a comfortable venue for guests.
  2. Amenities. Make sure the venue has the necessary amenities for your event.  Are the bathrooms large enough to accommodate the guests?  Are the bathrooms clean?   Is the registration area large enough to accommodate the guests?  Is the load-in area appropriate for outside vendors?
  3.  Staff. Is the service staff at the venue professional, friendly, and well groomed?  Do they dress appropriately? If hiring outside service staff the same criteria apply as well as whether they are familiar with the venue.
  4. Fees. Is there a fee for the venue?  If so, is it within your budget?  If the majority of your budget is spent on the venue itself, you will compromise other aspects of your event such as food and entertainment.
  5. Provisions. Does the venue provide tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, china, glassware, flatware?  If not, does your caterer or must those items be rented from another vendor?
  6. Size. Is the size of the venue adequate?   Most venues have a maximum capacity.  Make sure you stay within those guidelines as experience has taught them that the comfort of the guests and the service is dependent on those numbers.  By the same token, don’t book a large space for a small group of people.  The event will lack energy and excitement and will be interpreted as if people “did not show” for the event.
  7. Lighting. Is the lighting adequate?  Can you create the mood you desire with the lighting?  If bringing in custom lighting, is the electrical wattage and outlets adequate?
  8. Acoustics. Has the venue addressed acoustics?  Is the space so cavernous that conversation will be impossible?  Will the sound of your music be adequate?  If bringing in sound professionals be sure the venue is accustomed to working with sound engineers for electrical and set-up purposes.
  9. Parking. This is so incredibly important as it is the first impression the guests will have.  If parking is inadequate, consider offering valet parking.
  10. Small Touches: If a business meeting, will the venue provide fresh water, fresh coffee, and refills throughout the event?  Will the staff be able to attend to specific needs that may arise during the event?

Your event is special and should be executed flawlessly.    Of course last minute issues can always arise, but if you are well informed and have carefully chosen your event venue you should have a very successful and enjoyable event!

Wedding Event at the Phoenix Art Museum