Summer Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas

Although wedding season isn’t necessarily in the summer time, that shouldn’t stop you from having your wedding during this sunny season. Along with the summer sun that’ll be the backdrop of your wedding, you should also include a refreshing yet tasteful menu for you and your guests. Below are some summer wedding buffet menu ideas that you can implement into your big day.

Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas

Replace Soup with Something Cooler

Usually, dinners at wedding ceremonies include five types of servings: including soup as an important option as an appetizer. Since your guests might not enjoy a hot cup of soup when it’s already warm outside, you should opt for something cooler instead. You can serve a cold soup or provide all of the adults with refreshing cocktails and/or mocktails for the kids.

Avoid BBQ Wings & Ribs

People usually relish for BBQ wings & ribs on their plates during any season, but your summer wedding may not be a right occasion for this dish. If barbecue is necessary for your wedding buffet menu, then instead of messy dishes such as wings and ribs, you can opt for chicken, briskets, chops and other similar items to help you in avoiding a chaotic situation during your wedding reception. In order to support your main dish, you can add some side dishes like potato salad, rice or baked beans, etc.

Replace the Cheese Station

Although cheese and crackers are usually a staple at many weddings, you may want to skip out on these snacks if you’re having your wedding in the summer. Since it’ll be warm outside, the cheese is more prone to melting. Therefore, it’ll be best if you were to swap out the cheese option and instead serve snacks that aren’t prone to melting. This can be fresh fruits, meatballs, etc.

Chocolate Dipped StrawberriesSummer Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas

As delicious as chocolate dipped strawberries are, they can cause quite the mess at your summer wedding. However, you can serve it chilled indoors, instead of risking the chocolate melting all over the place if you were to serve it outdoors.

Serve Grilled Sensations

Grilled veggie and chicken kabobs are another popular option for summer weddings. Not only can they be dressed up with color vegetables, but they’re also rather convenient to serve and eat. They can be enjoyed easily with a variety of dips and sauces as well.

Summer Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas

Serve Chilled or Frozen Drinks

During the summer season, a glass of chilled wine or cold brew coffee can be the one of the best choices to include in a buffet menu. You can also add some refreshing cocktails to your menu such as daiquiris, margaritas, or mojitos.

Fresh Fruit Salads

You can incorporate seasonal fruits into your menu by making different types of fruit salads. This will not only be a refreshing treat, but you can also get creative with it and make different snack dishes with fruits.

Bottom Line

Since summer weddings often call for warmer climates, it’s important to also keep that fact in mind when you’re planning out your summer wedding buffet menu ideas. You’ll want to stray away from anything that’s too messy such as BBQ dishes, opt for refreshing and cold drinks instead of soups, stay away from anything that’ll melt such as cheese or chocolates, and much more. Regardless of what season you’re looking to have your big day on, catering experts at Creation in Cuisine offer a wide selection of food that can fit any type of wedding.


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