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The holidays are just around the corner and countless hosts, hostess and begrudged office managers are searching for an idea – you may want to consider an Arabian Nights party. We all want to plan and execute a great party, but sometimes settling on a theme can be the hardest obstacle to overcome. You can be safe and stick with your standard “Ugly Sweater” themed party or maybe have Santa and his Elves stop down by your office after the work day. Go ahead, I’m sure no one will blame you. They just might not come back next year!

Here are a few snapshots of an Arabian Nights themed private company party we recently catered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A beautifully arranged and set table at our “Arabian Nights” theme party.

Setting the Atmosphere…

When trying to throw a themed party it’s always important to make sure you are setting the right atmosphere for your party guests. When we planned our Arabian themed event we went with a bouquet of brighter light colors such as Red, Gold and Orange. By utilizing a

A great activity for your guests and it fits perfectly with the theme! Guests were able to relax by the Hookah as they enjoyed their beverages during the cocktail hour.

Deep Purple as an accent we were really able to bring out the vibrancy in our lighter colors. Combine this with the perfect mood lighting and music and there was magic in the air!

Guests were also able to relax on comfortable pillow seats while they took turns smoking out of several elegant Hookahs. Not only was it a unique opportunity for most of the guests it was also a great conversation starter as guests were already gathered in a circle.

Entertain your guests with performers such as a Belly Dancer!

Walking throughout the party were several entertainers performing for the guests. We had beautiful belly dancing ladies striding through the guests with their castanets chiming away!

In addition to our human entertainers, our guests were also treated to an Arabian Caravan parading throughout venue. Our humped back friends helped guests get lost in the moment as if they were truly experiencing an authentic Arabian night!


A caravan making its way through the party!

Choosing Your Menu Carefully…

Morrocan Style Beef & Cous Cous Meatballs with a Smooth Shitake Ketchup served on silver spoons. A great passed appetizer to warm up your guests palate.

If you put enough effort and heart into planning out your decor, entertainment, and theme for you party then you truly need a great menu! Obviously taste, quality, and likeability are the more important factors for your guests. However you want your food to fit within your theme as well. Not only does this add a sense of continuity throughout the entire party but it can also aid in setting the atmosphere which is so essential to a great night.

Avgolemono Soup Shots – Garlic, Parsley, Pine nut & Lemon Pesto.

These Avgolemono Soup Shots are another unique and tasty appetizer option that we served to their guests. The personal shooters are such a great addition to any appetizer course. They enable any host to truly provide a wide variety of different food types, looks and preparations.

Individual Veggie Cups with Ranch and Fresh Fried Potato Chip cones!

It was very important to our Host that their guests were able to be “mobile.” They didn’t want people confined to dinner tables, forced to converse with the same people and view the same scenery. And with such a variety of activities, entertainers and beautiful sights who could blame them?

So you will notice that our entire menu was based off of the theme of “mobility.” From our passed appetizer spoons and Avgolemono Soup Shooters to the individual Veggie Cups and Fresh Fried Eggplant Chip Cones, guests were able to “grab and go” with pretty much every particular item available.

Moroccan Spiced Rock Shrimp & Trio of Hummus – Traditional Hummus, Edamame and Spicy Red Pepper. Garnished with Tabbouleh and Crisp Pita Chips.

Our entrees were presented in the same fashion as our appetizers. Our guests were treated to a variety of selections to choose from. In our first entree station we offered individual bowls of Beet, Orange & Fennel Chopped Salad and Baked Eggplant Moussaka in individual tins. Or they could mosey on down to station two where guests were offered a variety of items like Lamb Sharwarma over a Roasted Eggplant & Spinach Risotto Cake. The options were endless as we had over THIRTEEN different entree options to choose from!

Tiered Dessert Stand with Fruit Tarts and Individual Dessert Shots.

Finally for those who were brave enough for more delicious treats eventually wondered over to the dessert table. Their eyes focused upon another plethora of options to coat their palate with.

We had individual dessert shots with three different flavors:

Homemade Baklava

  • English Trifle with Sweet Berries, Lemon Cream & Sponge Cake
  • Lemon Cheese Cake with Graham Cracker Crust and Sweet Cream
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut with Sweet Cream, Dark Chocolate and Cookie Crumble

However, we had to stay true to our theme as we had faithfully done all that night. So our Chefs worked real hard and prepared a homemade Baklava with Almonds and Cardamon, YUM!

It was a perfect ending to a truly wonderful night filled with great people, intoxicating atmosphere and a one of a kind menu! From the service staff donning Arabian themed garb to the roaming entertainers, for one night Scottsdale was a make shift Arabian Desert!
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A special thanks to Gypsy Reign Photography for the fantastic photos & to Laura with Zohar Productions, Inc.


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