Recipes for Cold Days

Winter is finally here, and everyone is looking for ways to stay warm and cozy. What if you could treat yourself to some nice food? During the winter time, everyone loves to enjoy delicious lunch treats and warm dinners. In this post, we whip together some of the hot recipes for cold days.


Recipes for Cold Days


Beef Stew with Guinness Stout

Nothing feels better than hearty beef stew and Guinness stout on a cold winter day. You can serve this with cheddar scones or Irish bread.

Recipes for Cold Days

Slow Cooker Chicken and Chili

Chicken is the proper comfort food for winter. And on the days you are down with a cold, chicken thighs and chili will be just what you need.


Cider Braised Pork Ribs

Country style pork can help to warm you up during the cold days. You can add to it a broth of spicy vegetables and apple cider.


Meatloaf with Topping

This a simple, delicious meal served with mashed potatoes, green corn or beans. You can use ketchup or barbeque sauce for the topping.


Coconut Curry Chicken

This is a must try from grandma’s old recipes. Use a mixture of coconut milk and curry powder, tomatoes, and ginger to flavor the braised chicken wings.


Cheeseburger Soup

Serve this with bread for a family dinner during cold days. The soup is comprised of lean beef, potatoes, cheese, and milk; perfect for dealing with winter blues.


Oven-braised Lamb Shanks

The braised lamb shanks are spiced with aromatic vegetables and wine sauce.


Cabbage Rolls

This dish is a winter favorite for vegans. Serve it with mashed potatoes.


Slow Cooker Pot Roast

The slow cooker brings out this pot roast perfectly.


Chicken Leg Quarters

Chicken leg quarters add cheer to a cold day, and the recipe is budget-friendly. Sprinkle the chicken legs with garlic and seasonings and then roast to a golden brown.


Baked Polenta Shrimp

This is a Southern-style cuisine that will make a whole happy family in the winter. Preparing shrimp with polenta bake is simple. Add parmesan cheese and milk ricotta to the polenta, and coat the shrimp with butter or paprika for a unique flavor. Boil the shrimp together with cherry tomatoes before frying on the pan.


Spaghetti with Meatballs

Spaghetti with meatballs is another sumptuous cold day dinner you can prepare for your family. Boil the pasta in a separate pan, bake a sizeable amount of meatballs and warm up the sauce. Mix up everything into one dish and top it with fresh basil leaves.


Red Beans, Rice, and Andouille Sausage

Prepare red beans in a pot and jazz them up with the spicy Andouille sausage. This meal can be served with rice.


Skillet Pork Chops with Red Cabbage

This is a simple dish of spiced up red cabbage served with skillet pork chops.


Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is comfort food that you cannot go without when it snows. All you need to make this so delicious and crisp yet gooey dish is just bead, butter, and cheddar. Serve with a bowl of tomato stew.


Chicken Tortilla Soup

This can be another source of warmth and goodness for those cold days. Fried tortilla strips are used to garnish the chicken soup. Serve with any bread.


There are many recipes for cold days. The traditional chicken stew and chicken dishes still top the list, but any dish that involves chili and spices qualifies to be on the list too. For reliable catering services this season, get in touch with Creations in Cuisine.


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