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Catering to Tempe and its residents is a task we look forward to. With such a diverse crowd of students, office workers and families, the needs and desires that come from Tempe are always interesting, to say the least!

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Tempe is most known for hosting one of the nation’s top schools, Arizona State University. Despite the pizza parties and all-night keg parties, the students don’t tend to throw too many catered events. However, the fine campus is a great place to host any and all types of events you and your company may be having. Choose from their Tempe campus or Downtown campus for a specific venue and begin working with one of their preferred Tempe caterers. Plan on hosting your entire event on their property then out for a night out on Mill Avenue!

For catering in Tempe, we find ourselves delivering a daily dose of tastiness to the hardworking people in the office buildings. We often get requests for an early morning breakfast with freshly brewed coffee or squeezed orange juice, complete with danish or bagels, and sometimes even a beautiful handmade quiche or frittata. We definitely notice people’s expressions and noses perk up when we stroll through the door early in the morning with a hot batch of coffee and farm fresh eggs. And quite often we find ourselves back a few hours later for lunch!

Tempe also has the benefit of a prime location, being only thirty minutes away from two major airports allows them to cater to a plethora of different types of travelers and tourists. There are several venues that have taken advantage of this prime location, like the Tempe Waterfront. Brides will flock to the beautiful lake front view as their dining room overlooks the water. Caterers will rejoice as this venue comes fully stocked with a full working kitchen. The Tempe Waterfront can also be utilized as a great venue space for other events as well! Think about having an employee appreciation or your next meeting with the boss catered at the Waterfront.

Tempe Center for the arts lit up at night.

Tempe Center for the Arts

You and your guests can learn more about Tempe and Arizona by visiting The Arizona Historical Museum. Not only can it act as a daytime activity but it transforms into a beautiful event space as well. Speak with the administrators to set up tours for large groups for a daytime guided tour, great for those not familiar with the dessert! Also, be sure to coordinate with your catering company and have them set up your evening event while you and your guests tour the grounds. Be sure to ask your caterer for some Sonora themed menu options to really spice up your menu and make it unique.

Catering in Tempe is like catering for several smaller yet different cities. Each suburb of the city has its own and unique people and views to offer. Where else can you get a downtown city vibe ten minutes away from a park and lake? Whether you are a Bride, Office Manager or just someone looking to host a good time, Tempe has plenty of options for event catering.

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